Sandy Ross -

Chris K.

June 2002

Gazing down the long list of songs waiting to be reviewed, I see this one by Sandy Ross, a song I have listened to probably a thousand times in the past year. Sandy Ross is a legend. And if she isn't a musical legend in your house (for fans of folk and blues), she should be. Sandy is a true veteran of the international folk / blues / acoustic artist circuit. She's been at it for four decades. In fact, her bio is so impressive that I'm taking the liberty to copy it directly from her artist info page at

Sandy Ross is a veteran contemporary folk/acoustic blues coffee house performer of the late 60's, a Peter Yarrow new writer pick of the mid-70's, and a Smithsonian/Folkways Fast Folk artist of the 80's/90's. She started writing and performing during the 60's coffee house era. In the 1970's her time was spent mainly as a staff songwriter for Chappell Music (Warner/Chappell), in Los Angles, but she also produced demo sessions of her songs for 11 other major song publishing companies, including: MCA, ATV, ScreenGems, and Filmways. Her songs have been performed by, among others, Anne Murray and Kim Carnes. Her own performances of her songs currently receive airplay on over 150 public, community, and college radio stations across the US, the CBC-Network throughout Canada, BBC in Essex England and Northern Ireland, ATL in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, 4DDB, PBS-FM, and 100.3 Bay FM in Australia, and folk radio programs in other various parts of the world. Since SLR Productions' indie release of her 1995 CD, "Portraits of Innocence," Sandy has toured four times through 40 US states, performing the coffeehouse/bookstore circuit and doing live interview-performances on many independent and syndicated radio shows.

All My Heroes Sang the Blues is a perfect illustration of Sandy's love of genre and her ability to incorporate folk and blues into a seamless entity. Brilliantly executed and exquisitely produced, the song provides us a look at the how and why of the blues from the artist's perspective. She speaks of waking up at four in the morning, "tear drops rolling down my cheeks," and of "swapping love's sad tales with street drugs and cheap booze," with all the heartfelt sincerity and honestly of someone who has seen it all time and time again. This is not some new indie artist looking to find her way out of the purgatory of the local / regional music scene. This work is that of an established artist, who for four decades has provided the world with richly detailed illustrations of her heart and mind. This is the best of genre, and has been a Pro Critic Radio Classic Track for a full year now. This one stays on my hard drive forever this is as perfect as perfect gets, all the way around.

Pro Critic Radio 
Charisma: 		10.00 	
Technical Skill: 	9.00 	
Structure: 		n/a 	
Interest: 		9.50 	
Lyrics: 		10.00 	
Performance: 		9.50 	
Arrangement: 		10.00 	
Recording Quality:	9.00 	
Long Term Appeal: 	10.00 	
OVERALL: 		9.60