Sandy Ross - Independent Songwriter Web-Magazine

Independent Songwriter Web-Magazine, January 1998

"Coloring Outside The Lines" has plenty of tonal, vocal coloring that marries so well with the idea of the lyrics. This is superb songwriting debuting as a simple, uneventful composition. Listen closely and you'll learn something.

"How Was It Justified?" Oklahoma City remembered for the tragedy in '95 that took the lives of so many people. Although many songwriters have covered the topic, Sandy gives it a depth and honesty that was sorely lacking in many previous interpretations. "

Something That I Didn't Know" ....Standing naked, afraid that I would go / I did not know at the time that later I'd find, The sequel meant more than the show".....How true. When you think that what you are going through is the most important thing, life turns things around and you learn how the events yet to come will be what shapes your destiny. This is great songwriting that should be studied and analyzed by novices and professionals alike.

"Don't Call Me Late For Dinner" a cool, shuffle that feels good. Attitude in an Elvis-like environment. "Kansas Skies" this was my favorite song. It brought tears to my eyes and the lump i n my throat was not comfortable at all. I didn't intend to feel this way but it couldn't be avoided. Sandy's voice is so fragile, imperfectly charming and real, it touches a core that's undeniable. One of the best songs heard all year. This is a gem.

"Mary Ann" about a girl of seventeen who wants to be on her own but her parents aren't ready for her to grow up and go searching for her through the press. "Five Coins In" Girl knows how to write a fun, perky song for the masses. "God Bless The Child" a nice variation on a sensational Billy Holiday classic. Sandy has a way of making a timeless jewel even sound like it was written just for her. God bless, Sandy.

"Takin' It Slow" about leaving the city and moving to the country. Slightly edgy and totally Sandy. "I Remembered A Song" serenity defined.

IN SUMMARY: Sandy Ross' music isn't something that you can experience in just one listen. It kind of grows on you. It evolves slowly and moves in a strong, persistent direction. Sandy has a different voice that you don't hear every day. At first, you might not know what to make of it. Her tonal gymnastics are unpredictable and her dynamics are rather unprecidented but when you allow the music to take hold of you, you begin to really enjoy all the wonderful sounds that Sandy creates. You can appreciate what she has to offer and the individual stylings that she can bring to the table. Sandy is truly a spirited songwriter with the knack to invite fond, vivid memories as well as indulge in the darker emotions in life. She is special lady with insight and wisdom and the new, upstart songwriters of today would be wise to listen to what she has to say.