Station Quotes - 2002+

The following quotes were made by Station owners below the songs of Sandy's that they programmed on their stations. For each quote, the name of the station appears first, then the title of the songs they programed followed by their quote.

Acoustic Radio - 'St. James Infirmary' -
"Superb. Very classy version of this old song."

Cheap Suit Reverb - 'September 11th' -

"Listen to this !! Beautiful work!" 

Number One Vocals - 'Mary Ann' -

"The perfect sax, the perfect piano,
the perfect vocal. . ."

FolkStation - 'Road Warrior' -

"Cool song about the road and America
from Ms. Sandy Ross." 

Dr. Quinn's Blues - 'All My Heroes Sang the Blues' -

Sandy really has a style that I dig.
Check this song out! 

Psalms 150 - 'If you Miss Me/This Train' -

"Sandy Ross is a touring songwriter/performer.
Her vocals is awesome and extremely outstanding.
Listen to her music and you will agree.....
Great work Sandy."  

A1 Acoustical Dynamo - 'All My Heroes Sang the Blues' -

"Mine too, Sandy, mine too!" 

The Next Song - 'All My Heroes Sang the Blues' -

"A newcomer to Mp3 - excellent stuff!" 

Carolina Crossroads Fast Lane - 'St. James Infirmary' -

"Cool blues/folk tune....
visit Sandy's web page for more great music!" 

Private Stash Radio - 'All My Heroes Sang the Blues' -

"Does our station need this song...
For sure, picks us up a bit.
Is there ever a lot of great blues out here!" 

2001 - 'All My Heroes Sang the Blues' -

"Sandy has a great folk/blues voice and a style very
much in the style of Keb' Mo." 

Just Good Music - 'All My Heroes Sang the Blues' -

"Nicely done version---IMHO!!!!!!" 

Aardvark's CELTic-Folk-Bluegrass - 'St. James Infirmary' -

"A Blues classic ! I doesn't get any better than this folks!" 

Southern California Artists - 'St. James Infirmary' -

"This is a very cool blues....from a lady out west.
Wonder if Jesse Fuller was one of her heroes" 

Lady in Paisley - 'All My Heroes Sang the Blues' -

"Great tune from a published singer/songwriter" 

Harmonica Required - 'You'll Never Run from the Blues' -

"banjos n fiddles strong sexy voice of Sandy Ross added jan 19 02" 

Not WMMS - 'Anthem' -

"Sandy is as close to Joan Baez that I've heard this week!
She has a song here that demonstrates the works of this
government! The good & The Bad" 

Jim Jones Got Dem Blues - 'All My Heroes Sang the Blues' -

"This is a cool tune with a country tinged vocal
and cool acoustic guitar." 

Countrys Rhythm Ryders - 'All My Heroes Sang the Blues' -

"I found this song to have a country flavor,
Sandy Ross is a very talented songwriter and performer.
Give her a listen and you will agree......Good work Sandy." 

You Pick 'um Aardvk! - 'St. James Infirmary' -

"Heres a lil' folk and a lil' blues and a whole lot
of good vocals and excellent instruments,
Sandy Ross can kick these babies out....."

Mnet1 Hot Blues - 'You'll Never Run from the Blues' -

"Another veteran of the blues, Sandy Ross gives an
excellent performance. What a voice!" 

Buttermilk Rocks - 'All My Heroes Sang the Blues' -

"Sit back close your eyes and flow with this song. . .
another excellent song from Sandy Ross. . ."

Bluz Connection - 'St. James Infirmary' -

"High energy!"

A Wonderful Song - 'All My Heroes Sang the Blues' -

"Welcome Sandy to the "Wonderful" station and a
wonderful track it is...." 

A1 Songs of Faith - 'If You Miss Me/This Train' -

"This artist has super songwriting/performing talents....
I find her superb and very much on her way to the top....
Thanks Sandy for sharing your talent and love for
music with all of us." 

MusicBizgal & The FemSide -

'All My Heroes Sang the Blues' and 'St. James Infirmary' -
"Sandy Ross has quite a talent, the instruments drip
with that bluesy feeling, and being a harp and big blues fan,
this artist can really please my inner love for this
style of music...." "All my heroes are blues singers." 

Stonecutter Blues - 'All My Heroes Sang the Blues' -

"A nice uplifting number. 

Blue Moon Radio - 'St. James Infirmary' -

"I hear New Orleans callin every time I hear this song..."

Acoustic Vision - 'September 11th' -

"A fitting and soulful tribute to those that lost
their lives...and those who still mourn."                                        

Just Good Country and Country Blues - 'All My Heroes Sang the Blues' -

"There's lots more where this came from...wonderful!" 

Greetings from Warren, Ohio - 'All My Heroes Sang the Blues' -

"What a nice song. The playing is excellent and the
singing is fabulous. Keep up the good work!"
Countryside Upside Down - 'September 11th' -


Gord's Finds - 'St. James Infirmary' -

"A nice cover of the old Louis Armstrong classic.
Maybe the song even predates Louis,
but it's good to hear it again!"