Victory Review

Victery Review - January 1996

SANDY ROSS: Portraits of Innocence CD

With traditional folksong mood in a most contemporary language, Ross paints picture after picture of life, love and the blues. From neighborhood violence and distant parenting, "Three Doors Down" and "Jason's Song," to growing old and growing aware, "Will You Remember My Name" and "Half Empty/Half Full," Ross sings with a soothing familiarity and plays with refreshing expertise. Her folk's a little bluesy; her blues, a little folky. You'll enjoy them all. And talk about contemporary, Sandy promotes her music on the Internet World Wide Web. She's solicited not only great reviews but also extensive airplay! You need this album in your collection! Lyric and background sheet. (Nicki De)

Victery Review - October 1998

SANDY ROSS: Coloring Outside the Lines CD

Once again, Ross' blues, folk and political pop score high in all genres. She never seems to lose her music-power. Though the phrase, "Coloring Outside the Lines" is not unique, this album is. From the mix of styles to the inclusion of an e-mail conversation, (between former LASS director John Braheny and producer/songwrter Manidi Martin-Fox in the liner notes), Ross creates pictures familiar to us, yet with a unique sense of color and style. Grab your grown-up crayons and join in. (Nicki De)